Can I tell you a secret?

For much of my adult life I’ve found it hard to feel content. I’ve lived in enough places and been involved with enough different things to know that it wasn’t my environment that was making me feel this way.

It was about me.

I was someone who couldn’t enjoy the moment, I couldn’t appreciate what was around me, even when those things were beautiful and exciting.

Early last year, Sofia read a book called One Thousand Gifts, which is about practicing thankfulness, and how it can make us more settled, happier people. As she told me about the book, I realised that this might be my opportunity to get out of this rut.

Each morning I began listing a couple of things I was thankful for, and would then thank God for those things. At first it felt a little contrived, having such predictable mornings, but I soon began seeing the benefits…

I noticed that when I was in conversations with people I would recognise the positive things they said more. I found that where I used to be drawn to worry, or criticism, I would see beauty. It has become easier to offer words of encouragement.

Because I’m noticing what I have, rather than focussing on what I don’t, I’m not comparing myself with people as much as I used to.

Have you tried practicing thankfulness? How has it affected you?