Hailing from Wales and Sweden, we currently live in Jordan.

Right now, we’re studying Arabic so that we can be more effective in serving Syrian refugees who have been displaced by the ongoing conflict.

We believe that the portrayal of the Middle East by the mainstream media of Europe doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the region and its cultures.

Hopefully this blog will give you glimpses of the Middle East we see every day as we spend time with the Jordanians, Syrians, Palestinians and Iraqis who surround us.

Our Crowdfunding Campaign

When we decided to study Arabic, we knew that it was no small task we were taking on and that it was vital we do it full time. So we decided to crowdfund our 2 years of language learning.

We made the video below to spread the word about what we wanted to do, and managed to raise more than 85% of our goal:

If you’d like to help us reach 100%, please visit our giving page.