On the 22nd of August The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article on baby abandonment in South Africa. Here’s some of what was written:

” When police in Port Elizabeth confirmed earlier this month that they had retrieved a newborn boy, alive in a shoe box inside a plastic bag, it added to accounts of infants abandoned by mothers in toilets, flowerpots, railroad tracks, rubbish bins, sidewalks and city parks. Many perish. Others are left to hospitals, acquaintances or charities, as mothers seek ways to give better lives to children they can’t support.”

In the early days of Baby Safe (2008), Bethany and I took an exploratory trip to Door of Hope, the charity mentioned in the article. The work they’re doing inspired us and played a part in shaping Baby Safe as an organisation.

Read the full article HERE!


Den 22 Augusti publicerade The Wall Street Journal en intressant artikel om baby dumpning i Sydafrika.

När Baby Safe ännu var i ett uppstartnings skede (2008) åkte jag och Bethany på en fältstudie till Door of Hope, frivillig organisationen som nämns i artikeln. Det var en mycket intressant och inspirerande studieresa som utgjorde en viktig del i att utveckla och forma Baby Safe som organisation.

Läs hela artikeln HÄR!