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Month: November 2012

Just 7 days til we fly!

In just 1 week we fly to the UK.
We are EXCITED!!!
It’ll be our first time back in 15 months!

During the first 2 weeks of our trip, we’ll be giving some presentations about our work in South Africa, in Masiphumelele and with Baby Safe.

Here are some dates for your diaries:

Sunday 2nd December
10:30am Cardiff Vineyard
In the afternoon we’ll be having an information event. Contact us if you’d like to come!

Sunday 9th December
11:00am New Life Church, Cyncoed
2:00pm Beulah Church, Abertridwr

Sunday 16th December
6:30pm Abertridwr Community Church

Unwanted visitors

We arrived home yesterday, after a busy day in Masiphumelele, to find our front burglar gate swinging open, and the front door bearing the marks of a crowbar.

As we stepped inside, we began noticing things that weren’t were they should be: Sofia’s jewellery box missing, my SLR Camera gone, our iPod nowhere to be seen.

The police have been and gone, taken finger prints and passport numbers, and the neighbours have updated us on all the similar break-ins that have happened recently.

I found myself running through my mind the real cost of the break in: the sentimental value of some of the items. A necklace given to Sofia by her Grandma. A lens bought with money from my Grandpa’s inheritance. The songs on my iPod that I don’t have anywhere else (reminiscing the experience I once had of discovering my Dad’s music collection when I was younger).

And all the while I try and remind myself that our hope isn’t in these things, or even the things that weren’t stolen, but in things that can’t be stolen by thieves or eaten by moths.


Jaha, då har det hänt, det som vi lyckats undgå ända sedan vi kom hit – inbrott.

Igår när vi kom hem, efter en lång dag i Masiphumelele, såg vi att den lilla grinden och den större järngrinden stod vidöppen och ytterdörren hade bänts upp av något kofotsliknande föremål…inbrott!

Polisen var förvånansvärt snabbt på plats och gjorde ett bra jobb i att skriva ned en detaljerad anmälan, leta fingeravtryck mm.

De flesta saker som togs från oss hade ett sentimentalt värde och vi blir arga och kommer att sakna dem.
I samma veva blir vi påminda om att våra liv inte bara kan byggas bara på de grejor som var tagna, eller inte tagna, ifrån oss, utan på något mer – sådant som inte kan stjälas av tjuvar eller ätas av mal.

Our European Adventure: What I’m Looking Forward To…

At the end of the month we head off on a trip to Wales and Sweden. Of course, the thing I’m looking forward to most is seeing family and friends, but I thought I’d compile a list of some of the other things I’m excited about:


Reading the Guardian on Saturday: one of my former weekend rituals. So far, I haven’t found a paper here that I really love.

The banter around my family’s dinner table: we have a lot of fun when we’re together.

Innocent Smoothies: delicious recipes.

Winter in December! Last year we were in Cape Town and walked on the beach on Christmas day. This year it’ll be fun to have weather that I’m programmed to believe feels Christmassy.

Christmas dinner: every country has its own take on Christmas food. I really like what I’ve tasted from other countries, but this year I’m really looking forward to the food traditions of my childhood. Bring on the Christmas pudding and roast potatoes!

The ongoing political debate: I usually follow British politics from afar, seeing what’s playing out in the media. Being back home feels like you’re closer to the action.


Salty Liquorice: probably my favourite confectionary item. Like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

Snow: a true Swedish winter is beautiful. Snow crunching underfoot, a dry chill in the air, warm cups of coffee by…

Candle light: the long winters have made Swedes masters at creating a cosy indoor aesthetic.

The trains: the trains in Sweden turn up on time, depart on time, are comfortable, smooth, and generally feel much more luxurious (even in economy class) than any I’ve taken in the UK.

Fika: an oft debated Swedish word that usually involves drinking coffee and eating cake. It’s repeated regularly throughout the day, creating a rhythm of rest.

Wall Street Journal feature on baby dumping in South Africa

On the 22nd of August The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article on baby abandonment in South Africa. Here’s some of what was written:

” When police in Port Elizabeth confirmed earlier this month that they had retrieved a newborn boy, alive in a shoe box inside a plastic bag, it added to accounts of infants abandoned by mothers in toilets, flowerpots, railroad tracks, rubbish bins, sidewalks and city parks. Many perish. Others are left to hospitals, acquaintances or charities, as mothers seek ways to give better lives to children they can’t support.”

In the early days of Baby Safe (2008), Bethany and I took an exploratory trip to Door of Hope, the charity mentioned in the article. The work they’re doing inspired us and played a part in shaping Baby Safe as an organisation.

Read the full article HERE!


Den 22 Augusti publicerade The Wall Street Journal en intressant artikel om baby dumpning i Sydafrika.

När Baby Safe ännu var i ett uppstartnings skede (2008) åkte jag och Bethany på en fältstudie till Door of Hope, frivillig organisationen som nämns i artikeln. Det var en mycket intressant och inspirerande studieresa som utgjorde en viktig del i att utveckla och forma Baby Safe som organisation.

Läs hela artikeln HÄR!

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