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Our reading at the Cardiff Vineyard carol service

Thanks to the wonders of technology, we were able to make an appearance at Cardiff Vineyard‘s carol service on Sunday afternoon. Now that the event is over, you can check it out below…

A special thank you goes out to Bruce and Nosiviwe for reading!



Last Wednesday we went to hear Kevin Meredith, AKA Lomokev, at the Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff Bay.

He spoke about the intriguing journey he has been on with photography. He began in the early ’90s as a photographer at rave nights in London, paid £50 a night to take shots of happy clubbers. After discovering the Lomo LC-A camera later in the 90s, he quickly became well known in the Lomographic world, competing at National and International Lomo Championships, where his quick-fire improvisational photo taking excelled.

Meredith joined Flickr soon after it’s 2004 launch and, thanks to a strong and varied back catalogue of photos at his disposal, gained swift notoriety, with one of his photos (of Imogen Heap riding a bike) appearing on the front page of Flickr.

All of his Flickr exposure (pardon the pun) has taken him in a variety of interesting directions: publishing books, working at Phoot Camp, being featured in The Times, and addressing staff at Google HQ.

In spite of his achievements, he seemed very down to earth and really gave me fresh inspiration and appreciation for the fun that can be had with a camera.

(Photo: Kevin Meredith, for more visit his Flickr page)

How can I unshrink my jumper?

jumper image

Over the last few months I’ve managed to shrink two wollen tops that I really liked, the first was a v-neck jumper, the second a cardigan. I think I’ve managed to restore the cardigan by soaking it in luke warm water and hair conditioner (as recommended here), but the jumper doesn’t seem to want to be stretched.

Does anyone else have tips on how to un-shrink a jumper?

I think from here on in I’m going to be hand washing…

Haiku Wednesday

Today, while working
we celebrated the art
of haiku poems.

Every time a Skype
conversation was required
we used haiku verse.

For more on Haiku go here


On Tuesday we went to see the Danish band Efterklang at The Globe in Cardiff. I knew it would be a great show, but they far exceeded my expectations!

Here’s a little video we recorded:

If you’d like to see a more professional recording of them, check out their 4AD session

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