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Street Art

This weekend we battled strong Cape Town winds to make a small corner of Ocean View more beautiful. We joined forces with some of the kids in Ocean View and street artist Selah (Andrew Breitenberg).  Check out Paula’s photos below. Andrew posted the end result here.

* * *

I ett försök att göra Ocean View lite vackrare bestämde vi oss för att ge oss ut och måla på betongen denna helgen. Trots stark motvind roddes projektet i land av barn och tonåringar från Ocean View tillsammans med gatukonstnären Selah (Andrew Breitenberg). Här kan ni se lite bilder på hur det gick till och slut resultatet hittar ni här.



Jonathan’s riding the Cape Argus Tomorrow!

The Cape Argus is a world famous (and probably the most beautiful) cycling race of 110 kilometers held in South Africa. Most of the route follow the coastline, starting in Central Cape Town, over to Muizenberg then Simon’s Town, Cape Point and eventually over Chapman’s Peak and ending in Green Point (Cape Town). Go Jonathan Go Go!!! Most of the roads where we live will be closed so the rest of us will have to stay home or take a walk to the beach…

Cape Argus är en välkänd cykeltävling som hålls längs med Sydafrikas sydligaste kust. Rutten är 110 km och börjar i centrala Kapstaden och fortsätter sedan via Muizenberg och Simon’s Town, förbi Godahoppsudden, över Chapman’s Peak och avslutas sedan inne i Kapstaden. Lycka till Jonathan!!! Själv får jag hålla mig inne i morgon, eller kanske ta en promenad till stranden eftersom de flesta vägarna kommer vara avstängda för de hurtiga cyklisterna.

I love to swim

Swimming in Småland
There’s an unique sense of freedom to the Swedish summer. While we were there a few weeks ago, celebrating Sofia’s cousin’s wedding, I took the opportunity to revisit one of the places that grew to mean a lot to me last year during our wedding preparations.

The night before we got married, a few of my friends (Dave, Luke and Chris) took me for a late night swim in a lake close to where we were staying. It’s a tradition that began with Dave’s wedding the year before, and which I see as something of a rite of passage, a final blast of your old way of life as another is about to begin.

That particular evening Dave and Luke swam out far, and when I caught up they were contemplating the depths beneath: ‘what creatures could be living in those murky waters?’ We dipped our heads under the water and were immersed in a silent blackness.

This time it was daylight and I had the lake all to myself. As I paddled in, the stillness of the surface was broken by gentle rings.

The No Money Man

A year or two ago Mark Boyle decided that it was time that he lived out the change he wanted to see in the world. For him that meant not just preaching in favour of environmental change, but living it out. He decided to live without money. In this video interview he describes the process he went through to lower his impact on the environment (click on the image).

And here’s another article explaining the process in more detail:
I live without cash, and I manage just fine

(source: The Guardian Online)

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