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Month: August 2013

Swedish vs British Police Gangnam-Style

This is completely unrelated to anything we do but thought some of you might need a little Monday chuckle.

This morning I discovered this video made by a group within the Swedish Police in the south of Sweden – a Gangnam Style-inspired announcement about traffic safety (called ‘Driving safely style’). When I shared it with Jonathan he let me know this is ‘old news’ and has already been done by the British police.

Well, at least the Swedish police seems to have a message behind their video 🙂

HÀr kommer ett inlÀgg som Àr helt orelaterat till vad vi gör, men som förhoppningsvis ger nÄgon ett litet mÄndagsskratt.

De flesta av er har sĂ€kert redan sett videon av en dansande poliskĂ„r i SkĂ„ne, men jag hittade den först idag. NĂ€r jag visade den för Jonathan lĂ€t han mig veta att detta redan har gjorts av den Brittiska polisen. Efter att ha kollat pĂ„ den Brittiska videon verkar det som att den svenska polisen Ă„tminstone försökte förmedla nĂ„got slags budskap 🙂

The Three Loves

IMG_0571One of the ways that we measure if our community is being all it can be is to look at it alongside what we call The Three Loves:

  • Loving God
  • Loving each other
  • Loving the world

Sometimes a community of faith majors on one or two of these loves, and not all three. Here’s what happens if you leave out one:

Leave out Loving Each Other

We’ve had times in our community where we are really focussed on loving the world and loving God, but barely giving our community life any attention at all. Our relationships become shallow and collegial, rather than those of a loving family.

Leave out Loving The World

Other communities I know are great at loving God and loving each other, but they don’t want to go anywhere near the world. Some are afraid of the world and what it might do to them! When this happens, we open up the door to becoming super spiritual and inward. A church that doesn’t have an outward focus will soon be overrun with politics and infighting.

Leave out Loving God

Finally, some communities neglect the loving God part of the equation. They have great friendships and they serve the community around them energetically, but all their energy and vision comes from within themselves. Operating like this encourages burnout and spiritual shallowness.

At regular intervals we ask ourselves “how are we doing?” in relation to The Three Loves, to try and ensure that we don’t lose balance.

How’s your community doing? Have you experienced times when one of the Loves has been left out? What happened?

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