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Hit by a car

I published this yesterday on my tumblr page, but realised it belongs here too:

I had my first collision with a car this morning.

Riding to the office, enjoying my new bike.

Just 3 minutes from work, on a mini roundabout next to ASDA.

Clear indication wasn’t enough for her.

She saw me, hesitated, then sped up.

I saw her stopping, continued my exit of the roundabout, then watched wide eyed as she accelerated, then braked immediately in front of me.

No time to brake as I hurtled towards her car, then head first, in slow motion, into the bonnet.

The whole roundabout stood still, waiting for signs of life as I peeled myself from the bonnet, glared at the driver and her son and uttered a pointedly sarcastic “Thank You Very Much!”

As soon as I was off her car she sped away, the front of her black Ford KA bearing the mark of the impact.

I continued my journey, bruised and shaken, but nothing broken.

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