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Month: February 2011 (page 1 of 2)


On Tuesday we went to see the Danish band Efterklang at The Globe in Cardiff. I knew it would be a great show, but they far exceeded my expectations!

Here’s a little video we recorded:

If you’d like to see a more professional recording of them, check out their 4AD session


We went on a trip four hours north to visit friends in Arthog in Wales, in the nationalpark Snowdonia. We had wonderful hosts who taught us about mountain walking, pre dinner cocktails and Nigella Lawson. The thing I enjoyed the most was to find a still lake on the top of a mountain with water so clear that you could drink it and see reflection of the clouds. 

Vi gjorde en road trip för att besöka några vänner i staden Arthog, i norra Wales, mitt i Nationalparken Snowdonia. Våra vänner visade sig vara fantastiska värdar och lärde oss att bestiga berg, göra cocktails och laga mat som Nigella Lawson. En dag hittade vi en sjö på toppen av ett berg där vattnet var så klart att man kunde fylla upp vattenflaskan och se molnen speglas på ytan. 


The Exercise Ball

My work colleague, Yarek, brought an exercise ball into the office.
We’re not quite sure why he did this, but have all grown to appreciate it over the last few weeks.
Here’s a little film I made about it.

My wife when she was 4

With Emmerson the dog. Check out Stina’s Flickr page for more old pictures.

Hit by a car

I published this yesterday on my tumblr page, but realised it belongs here too:

I had my first collision with a car this morning.

Riding to the office, enjoying my new bike.

Just 3 minutes from work, on a mini roundabout next to ASDA.

Clear indication wasn’t enough for her.

She saw me, hesitated, then sped up.

I saw her stopping, continued my exit of the roundabout, then watched wide eyed as she accelerated, then braked immediately in front of me.

No time to brake as I hurtled towards her car, then head first, in slow motion, into the bonnet.

The whole roundabout stood still, waiting for signs of life as I peeled myself from the bonnet, glared at the driver and her son and uttered a pointedly sarcastic “Thank You Very Much!”

As soon as I was off her car she sped away, the front of her black Ford KA bearing the mark of the impact.

I continued my journey, bruised and shaken, but nothing broken.

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