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The Three Loves

One of the ways that we measure if our community is being all it can be is to look at it alongside what we call The Three Loves: Loving God Loving each other Loving the world Sometimes a community of faith majors on one or two of these loves, and not all three. Here’s what […]

The Values of Discovery: Part 2

In yesterday’s post I began describing the steps that we take in a Discovery Bible Study, and how each step sets a particular value, or DNA in our community. Here’s the continuation of that post… Read and Retell: we read a passage of scripture a few times and retell it in our own words We […]

The Values of Discovery: Part 1

In my last post I described a Discovery Bible Study. It’s a tool that is being used all over the world for spiritual growth, both personal and in community. I thought I’d explain how each step sets the values and DNA for your church… Thankfulness: each person says one thing they’re thankful for This builds […]

A journey of discovery

Discovery Bible Study

When I described simple church the other day, I gave a really brief introduction to a tool that we call Discovery Bible Study. It’s a really simple way of having time together as church: it’s really practical and facilitates spiritual growth as individuals and as a community. Here are the steps… Thankfulness and Needs Go […]