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I love to swim

Swimming in Småland
There’s an unique sense of freedom to the Swedish summer. While we were there a few weeks ago, celebrating Sofia’s cousin’s wedding, I took the opportunity to revisit one of the places that grew to mean a lot to me last year during our wedding preparations.

The night before we got married, a few of my friends (Dave, Luke and Chris) took me for a late night swim in a lake close to where we were staying. It’s a tradition that began with Dave’s wedding the year before, and which I see as something of a rite of passage, a final blast of your old way of life as another is about to begin.

That particular evening Dave and Luke swam out far, and when I caught up they were contemplating the depths beneath: ‘what creatures could be living in those murky waters?’ We dipped our heads under the water and were immersed in a silent blackness.

This time it was daylight and I had the lake all to myself. As I paddled in, the stillness of the surface was broken by gentle rings.

Vår bröllopsbok / Our wedding book

Ett hett tips för nästa års julklapp är en fotobok från Blurb. Detta blev julklappen från mig och Jon till våra föräldrar, år 2009. Om du vill kolla igenom bokens alla sidor (eller själv införskaffa boken) så behöver du bara klicka här!

Translation: this year we decided to make a book of wedding photos as a Christmas gift for our parents.  We decided to use Blurb.com to create it. Check out the book (or even order yourself a copy!) by clicking here

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