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Haiku Wednesday

Today, while working
we celebrated the art
of haiku poems.

Every time a Skype
conversation was required
we used haiku verse.

For more on Haiku go here


We went on a trip four hours north to visit friends in Arthog in Wales, in the nationalpark Snowdonia. We had wonderful hosts who taught us about mountain walking, pre dinner cocktails and Nigella Lawson. The thing I enjoyed the most was to find a still lake on the top of a mountain with water so clear that you could drink it and see reflection of the clouds. 

Vi gjorde en road trip för att besöka några vänner i staden Arthog, i norra Wales, mitt i Nationalparken Snowdonia. Våra vänner visade sig vara fantastiska värdar och lärde oss att bestiga berg, göra cocktails och laga mat som Nigella Lawson. En dag hittade vi en sjö på toppen av ett berg där vattnet var så klart att man kunde fylla upp vattenflaskan och se molnen speglas på ytan. 



Over the past 8 months I’ve been a little more deliberate in my sketching, trying to tap back into my first creative love of pencil drawing and watercolour.

I just uploaded a few of the outcomes to a new Flickr set called ‘sketchbook‘. Click here to take a look.

Skor på mattan/Boots indoors

Hon sitter med skorna på sig inomhus & på mattan dessutom -Så Oförskämt, tänker du kanske!? Men det är inget ovanligt här i Wales och i resten av Storbrittanien, att man har ytterskorna på sig inomhus och traskar runt på heltäckningsmattan. Känns lite lustigt. Mattan blir ju smutsig…

I’m basically trying to demonstrate an everyday ‘cultural’ difference between Sweden and Wales (and rest of the UK): In the UK many people wear their outdoor boots indoors as well, even on the carpet!
Correct me if I’m wrong, but this would most likely be considered rude in Sweden. It’ll take me a while to get used to this…

Dave’s Acting Debut

Dave and Emma have been blogging for a few months. Here is their latest (hilarious) piece of promotional material.
My interpretation is: Dave is baffled as he reflects on all the things that have flown by during the past month…

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