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Month: October 2013

The power of Vulnerability

A few friends of ours here in Kommetjie are learning about how to do community well together. How to have deeper friendships and how to grow in our faith.

The TED talk speaks of vulnerability as the pathway to belonging and creativity, and has really inspired us:

The Power of Vulnerability

The Thomson Method

Thomson Method

The last couple of months we’ve been meeting regularly with one of our Somalian friends to teach her English. It’s been SO much fun! We’ve had lots of laughter due to misunderstandings and lots of joy in seeing how much this means to her and how useful it is. Unfortunately she hasn’t been able to learn English before as she looks after the shop, which is also the main income of the family. We use a method called The Thomson Method, that emphasizes interaction between the learner and teacher and initially only uses pictures and words to build up the language. We studied Xhosa this way and have a few friends who in a short space of time learned Arabic through this method.


De senaste månaderna har vi umgåtts en hel del med en av våra vänner från Somalia och försökt lära henne engelska. Det hela har varit en riktigt rolig upplevelse men många skratt bl a pga en hel del missförstånd. Tyvärr har hon inte haft möjligheten att lära sig engelska eftersom hon måste ta hand om affären som också utgör hela familjens huvudinkomst. Vi har använt oss av en metod som heter Thomsonmetoden, som bygger på bildassociation – man bygger upp sitt ordförråd genom bilderna man får lära sig. Vi provade lära oss Xhosa på detta sättet och känner några som lärt sig Arabiska på detta sätt.





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